What Is SEO?

Search Engines are answer machines.

Remember Altavista? Lycos? Ask Jeeves?

No? Exactly. The idea is: Ask a question, get an answer. But translating from human to web bot and back again is tricky. Google has perfected the art of serving up the best answer to your questions, whether it’s typed in as a sentence or a fragment: “SEO Memphis”

So what is SEO?

The process that ensureS your CUSTOMERS FIND YOU FIRST.

It’s not mystical, magical, or deceitful. Google wised up to manipulative tactics long ago, and punishes the cheaters. (Talk to me if your rankings suddenly tanked—you might be suffering from a manual penalty.) Optimization is the key concept in this process, and it simply means making your business web presence coherent, clean, and clear—optimum.

That’s SEO in a nutshell—not scary at all, right?

The Great Wave SEO Process

Skimming the Surface

Great Wave first examines your website—is it healthy? This is more than a question about looks. Is the structure solid, or are there broken links? Duplication? Missing information? These errors hiding just below the surface of your pretty site obscure your message and frustrate any visitors who stumble in—not optimum.

  • Site Structure Repaired

  • Missing Information Added

Diving Deep

Great Wave then dives deep to see where the Internet thinks your business is located and how to contact you. Are customers driving to your former office location? Do they not know which phone number to call? Maybe you even have a new web address, but your old website is still pulling traffic, misrepresenting the new face of your business. Not optimum.

  • Contact Info Updated

  • Traffic Pushed To Site

Ride The Wave

Finally, Great Wave investigates and analyzes which other websites link to yours, and how you stack up against your competitors. We want to pursue optimum links, sites that are reputable, trustworthy, and relevant. What these sites say about your business gives the search engine robots confidence that you really do provide the best answer to searchers’s queries.

  • External Sites Investigated

  • External Links Checked

Great Wave dives deep to get your business noticed.

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